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About Vodafone Secure Net

What is Secure Net?

Secure Net is a Vodafone service that protects your mobile device against viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites.

Simple and safe, Secure Net keeps your devices secure when using the Vodafone mobile network. Please note, Secure Net doesn't work over non-Vodafone mobile connections such as WiFi.

Protect your Family

Our unique new service is simple to use because it runs on our even bigger and better network. You needn’t download apps or software and you can link all your family’s devices to control everything from one place.

Child Safe Browsing

Configure your children’s browsing experience, making sure they’re safe from unsuitable content and manage digital downtime by setting the times they can go online.

How it works

As soon as Secure Net is activated on our account you will be protected against viruses, malware and phishing sites. You will be informed via SMS when a security threat has been detected.