Keep your device protected with Secure Net

Enjoy peace of mind whenever you're using our network, with no extra software and no strain on your battery.

What is Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net is a network-based security product that helps protect your family's devices. When connected, it automatically blocks harmful sites and quickly protects against viruses before they can do harm.

Disclaimer: Secure Net cannot detect Malicious Files and Viruses within encrypted websites and does not work over Wi-Fi, including Home Broadband. Please refer to T&Cs for details.

How Secure Net works

Once Secure Net is activated on your account, you'll be protected against harmful threats or viruses whenever you use our mobile network.


Subscribe and sign in to Secure Net for instant protection.

Network protection

Harmful sites are blocked while you're on the move. Each time, we'll notify you by SMS/Text message with details.

Manage content and devices

Customise content filters and limit device use through our app or website.

How Secure Net can help you

Safe web browsing

Secure Net will identify and block harmful websites before they reach your device. This means the site will not load.

Cleaning tool

With just a tap, Android phone users can scan their device for any threats they may have picked up over Wi-Fi.

Malicious file and virus detection

Secure Net will stop any malicious files or viruses while you're using your mobile data. We'll send you a SMS/Text message to let you know if this happens. An icon will appear at the top of the page when Secure Net is making a check.

Parental controls and content filtering

Add content filters, set restricted hours, and control your children's devices remotely. Customise your filters or choose from 12 preset options, featuring categories such as adult, violence and racism.

Be protected today!

New subscribers can enjoy 3 months full of free protection!

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