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What is Secure Net?

Secure Net is the all-in-one mobile security service that helps to keep you and your family safe online.

Digital protection

Detection and protection against online malware infections and viruses

24/7 ID monitoring

24/7 online ID monitoring for your personal information, with smart alerts and advice if your identity is compromised. This feature is only available with the Secure Net app.

Advanced parental controls

Manage what your children see and do online with content filters, and use our advanced tools to manage digital downtime

How does Secure Net keep you and your family safe?

Digital protection

Digital protection

Online protection
Stay safe when browsing, shopping and banking on your smartphone

Virus and malware protection
Real-time threat protection from malicious websites and phishing attacks

Cleaning tool
Detects and removes threats found over WiFi (Android only)
24/7 ID monitoring

24/7 ID monitoring

Protection from ID theft
24/7 monitoring of your personal information on the dark web

Personalise your protection
From email address to credit card details, you can choose which information is monitored

Smart alerts
Notifications and advice to keep yourself protected if your information is compromised.
Advanced parental controls

Advanced parental controls

Keep your children safe
Customisable filters to only access age-appropriate content when browsing the internet on a mobile device

Block unwanted websites
Choose which websites your children have access to on their smartphones

Internet-free time
Schedule digital downtime, or simply pause their mobile data to enjoy the moments that matter

New and improved Secure Net app

Our Secure Net app has had a major refresh, making it quicker and easier than ever to stay protected on our reliable, award-winning network.

Secure Net

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does Secure Net protect me from?

Secure Net protects your phone from viruses, malware, phishing scams and other harmful content when you connect to the internet on our mobile network. It also includes 24/7 ID monitoring to help keep your personal information protected.
There are certain cases where Secure Net won’t protect your phone, even when connected to our network, such as when using a VPN service, Apple Private Relay on an iPhone and more. For a full list, visit the Secure Net Terms and Conditions
Please note: Digital protection and advanced parental controls only work when you’re connected to our mobile network, and not when connected to Wi-Fi, including Vodafone Home Broadband.

What should I do if my personal information is compromised?

If Secure Net detects a breach of your personal information, we'll send a smart alert (via text message) to your phone. What you should do next will depend on the type of information that's been compromised, and our smart alert will make it clear what action is required.

Make sure you keep smart alerts on in the Secure Net app to hear about any identity breaches as soon as possible.

How do I set up parental controls for my family?

To set up parental controls for your children’s devices, you’ll need to link their number to your Secure Net account. To do this: 
1. Go to your Secure Net dashboard 
2. On the settings page, choose Add a device and enter the number you’d like to add 
3. We’ll then send a text message to that device. The recipient will need to accept the terms and conditions, and agree that their security settings will be controlled by you 
You’ll be notified when they accept and then you can start setting up security and parental settings for that number.

How does the cleaning tool work?

The cleaning tool is a feature on the Secure Net app (available only on Android phones) that helps detect and remove threats on your smartphone that might have been picked up while connected to WiFi (for example, when using a public WiFi hotspot).
To use the cleaning tool, you’ll need to open the Secure Net app and grant permissions so that the app can access your files. If you’re having trouble with your phone permissions, here’s how to grant permissions on most Android devices:
1. Open Settings on your phone. Scroll down to find Security & Privacy and then Privacy.
2. Select Permission Manager.
3. Select Files and media, search for the Secure Net app and then ensure permissions are switched on.
Please note: The cleaning tool is not available on the iOS version of the app.